Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Returning Books to the Library

If you see a bin like this, do not return your books in it.
Image via Flickr user

In light of some recent issues, we would like to clarify the procedure for returning books to the Joint Library of the Hellenic and Roman Societies/Institute of Classical Studies. This can be done either: 
  1. In person, during opening hours, to Joint Library/ICS staff at the desk.
  2. By post, addressed to the Library.
Some mornings, Library staff come in to find that books have been left on the counter. This is not safe and may result in a book going missing or being damaged. There has also been a problem with readers leaving books with the IHR's receptionist after hours. Please do not do this. If you are unsure about our opening hours, please check them before coming to return books, and if you cannot come in during Library opening hours, please return the books by post instead. 

Readers have also been leaving books in the Senate House Library deposit bin by the main reception desk on the ground floor. Please do not return books in this bin. Take them upstairs and hand them in at our desk instead.

If you return a book improperly and it goes missing or is damaged, you will be liable for the cost of replacing it.

If you have any questions about returning books, please speak to a member of library staff or get in touch.