Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Saturday, 23 January 2016

ICS and other events this week: 25-30th January 2016

Monday 25 January
17:00 ICS Ancient Literature Seminar
Oratorical Fragments and the History of Roman Republican oratory
Catherine Steel (Glasgow)

17:30 Roman Art Seminar
Roman votive plaques and the Ashwell Treasure
Ralph Jackson (BM)

Tuesday 26 January
18:00 ICS and Friends of the British School at Athens
FBSA Lecture: Colonel Leake and Independent Greece
Prof. Malcolm Wagstaff
The chair will be taken by Prof. Peter Warren

Thursday 28 January
13:00 Rome in Bloomsbury Seminar
Endangered Archaeology: The Past, Present and Future of the Middle East
Emma Cunliffe, Oxford

16:30 ICS Ancient History Seminar
External Relations of the Pontic Greek Cities in the Hellenistic and Roman Times
Victor Cojacaru (Iaşi)

Friday 29 January
16:30 ICS Postgraduate Work in Progress Seminar
Roman perspectives on poverty in later life
Sam Fernes (Manchester)

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Monday, 18 January 2016

ICS Events this week: 18th-23rd January 2016

Monday 18 January
16:30 ICS Ancient Philosophy Seminar
Neoplatonists on Platonic Drama: the pedagogical function of mimēsis and enargia
R.M. van den Berg (Leiden)

17:00 ICS Ancient Literature Seminar
The Politics of Athenian Tragedy
Richard Seaford (Exeter)

Tuesday 19 January
17:30 Accordia Lecture
Hungry humans eating thirsty elephants: human proboscidean interactions in the Italian Lower Palaeolithic
Giovanni Boschian (University of Pisa)

Wednesday 20 January
15:30 ICS Mycenaean Series
Making p(a)laces, marking differences. Exploring the 'prepalatial' origins of the Minoan palaces
Peter Tomkins (Sheffield and Leuven)

Thursday 21 January
16:30 ICS Ancient History Seminar
Herodotus and Archaeology of the Northern Black Sea: Scythian Kings and the Symbolism of the Ancient Iranian Kingship
Askold Ivantchik (Moscow/Bordeaux)

Friday 22 January
16:30 ICS Postgraduate Work in Progress Seminar
The language of sacrifice: Old Comedy's evidence on Greek prayers
Elena Chepel (Reading)

Saturday 23 January
14:30 ICS Virgil Society Lecture
The Shaping of the Virgilian Canon: Joseph Scaliger and the 'Appendix Vergiliana'
Sheldon Brammall

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Saturday, 9 January 2016

ICS Events this week: 11th-16th January 2016

Monday 11 January
17:30 Roman Art Seminar
'Those singularly beautiful curves': The story of Celtic art
Julia Farley (BM)

Tuesday 12 January
17:00 ICS Classical Archaeology Seminar
Archaeological Illustration: Digital vs. Analogue
Stuart Laidlaw (UCL)

Friday 15 January
14:30 ICS Early Career Seminar
The Unity of Aristotle's Notion of Political Friendship
Myrthe Bartels

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