Monday, 12 March 2012

Ancient and Modern Olympics events in London

Olympic Rings
Image via Flickr user failing_angel
Museums, universities, societies and institutions all over London will be holding Olympics-related events in June to celebrate the ancient roots of the competition.

The Roman Society says:
2012 is a great year for athletics. And for the history of athletics. The whole concept of peaceful international competition through sport has its origin in the ancient world. To celebrate the return of the games to London after 64 years we are offering a rich programme of events dedicated to sport and competition, ancient and modern. Through exhibitions, public lectures and conferences our programme looks not just at events and sites but at the idea of competition, the pursuit of excellence, motivation, rewards and prizes; we look at the way the ancient games have travelled across space and time, from a small site in ancient Greece to worlds then undreamt of. We look at the rebirths and revivals, at the different shapes the original idea has taken in different periods and cultures down to today.
 To find out more, have a look at the calendar of events.

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