Thursday, 25 September 2014

Amphipolis Tomb... Who Lies Within?

The great thing about a new discovery is that moments when all the experts around the world put their two-penny worth in and begin to make predictions regarding what the new discovery actually is.  This is precisely what is happening now with the Amphipolis (or Kasta) tomb. 

Sadly, looters seem to have taken the treasures that it once contained, but experts are convinced that much can still be learnt from what remains.  The Caryatid Marbles alone could be described as the find of the decade.

Suggestions of who the tomb once contained vary, but most theories centre on the followers of the Macedonian King Alexander the Great.  The rumour mills on twitter this morning has it firmly set as the final resting home of Alexander’s mother Olympia, whilst others have suggested Alexander's son by Roxana.

So who does this tomb belong to?  If you have any thoughts, let us know!  Answers on a postcard.  Or failing that, you can leave your ideas in the suggestion box below or email me at .

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