Monday, 1 February 2016

ICS Events this week: 1st-6th February 2016

Monday 1 February
16:30 ICS Ancient Philosophy Seminar
Temporality and Genre in Early Greek Literature
Barbara Sattler (St Andrews)

17:00 ICS Ancient Literature Seminar
The Economic Strategies of Plautus
Matthew Fox (Glasgow)

Wednesday 3 February 
17:30 Roman Society- M.V. Taylor Lecture
Scaevola, politics and ideology on the eve of the Social War: sixty years after Badian
Professor Jean-Louis Ferrary
Woburn Suite, Senate House

Thursday 4 February
16:00 ICS Ancient History Seminar
From the City's Second Foundation to the Creation of the West-Pontic Koinon: the Gerousia of Istros Revisited
Valentin Bottez (Bucharest)
NB 16:00 start time, rather than usual 16:30 

Friday 5 February
14:30 ICS Early Career Seminar
The late success of early Hellenism: some observations based on the pottery from Priene
Lars Heinze

16:30 ICS Postgraduate Work in Progress Seminar
"They dig up from the bowels of the earth hoards buried in time of war" (Sil. Ital., Punica II.606-607): Storage pits in NE Iberia, from hilltop oppida to the Roman domination (ca. 225 BC to AD 50)
Mateo González-Vázquez (Barcelona)

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