Thursday, 7 April 2016

Wondering where the painting and mosaic books have gone?

Books on Painting and Mosaics (classmarks 133A through to 133E.9) have been moved from the Archaeology Room to the Computer Room (Room 344). The David Smith Mosaic Archive Collection, a reference only collection with a separate classification scheme, has also been moved into this room. All of your painting and mosaic needs in one place!

The Tract volumes which were in the Computer Room have been moved to the area adjacent to the Papyrology / Epigraphy Room and the New Books area. This arrangement brings the Tract Boxes and Tract Volumes closer together.

Books on Computing / Classics (classmark 98A.1) remain in the Computer Room but have been moved to a different set of shelves.

The Cotton Foundation collection of books, a reference only collection have also been moved to the Computer Room.

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