Friday, 13 May 2016

ICS events 16th-21st May 2016

Monday 16th May
16:30 ICS Ancient Philosophy Seminar
"Where are you going and where have you come from?" Beginnings and endings in Plato
Stephen Halliwell (St Andrews)
Room 243 - Senate House

Tuesday 17th May
17:30 ICS Workshop
Global Philology, Greco-Roman Studies, and Classics in the 21st Century.
Prof. Gregory Crane (Tufts; Leipzig), ST Lee Fellow in round table discussion with Dr Imre Galambos (Cambridge), Professor Eleanor Robson (UCL), Dr Sarah Savant (Aga Khan University), Dr Michael Willis (British Museum)

This discussion explores the question of what Classics can realistically mean in a century where China, India (with its six official Classical languages), and the various nations of the Arabic and Persian-speaking world play an active role in shaping global cultures.
Room 349 - Senate House

Wednesday 18th May
13:00 ICS Director's Seminar
The philosopher’s 'mania': Socrates, Plato and alteration of consciousness
Yulia Ustinova (Ben Gurion)
Room 246 - Senate House

15:30 ICS Mycenean Series
Digging up the past: the Minoan site of Apesokari in the Mesara
Georgia Flouda (Herakleion)
Woburn Suite, G22/26 - Senate House

Thursday 19th May
16:30 ICS Ancient History Seminar
Pottery, tax and the Chreophylax: reconsidering Hellenism at Seleucid Uruk
Cameron Petrie (Cambridge)
Room 349 - Senate House

Friday 20th May
16:30 ICS Postgraduate Work in Progress Seminar
Entering the new Hellenistic world: Sparta in the third century B.C.
Andrea Scarpato (Leicester)
Room 246 - Senate House

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