Thursday, 4 August 2016

Female authors in antiquity

You may have seen this post going around earlier this week, detailing an impressive list of female authors from antiquity:

If, like a certain library trainee, you are intrigued by this and would like to find out more about classical women authors, here are some suggestions on where to start:

Greene (ed.) (2015), Women poets in ancient Greece and Rome
Class mark: 99A.1 GRE

Plant (ed.), (2004), Women writers of ancient Greece and Rome: an anthology
Class mark: 96.1

Balmer (1996), Classical women poets
Class mark: 96.1

Snyder (1989), The woman and the lyre: women writers in classical Greece and Rome
Class mark: 99A.1

Lefkowitz; Fant (2016), Women's life in Greece and Rome : a source book in translation (Fourth Edition) - especially Chapter 1 "Women's Voices - Female Poets"
Class mark: 152J.1 LEF


Churchill; Brown; Jeffrey (eds.) (2002), Women writing Latin: from Roman antiquity to early modern Europe (3 vols.)
Class mark: 99G CHU

Stevenson (2005), Women Latin poets: language, gender, and authority, from antiquity to the eighteenth century
Class mark: 99J STE


De Martino (2006), Poetesse greche
Class mark: 97.1

Rayor (1991), Sappho's lyre: archaic lyric and women poets of ancient Greece
Class mark: 97.38 RAY


Waithe (ed.) (1987), A history of women philosophers: Vol. 1. Ancient women philosophers, 600 B.C.-500 A.D.
Class mark: 123E WAI

Pomeroy (2013), Pythagorean women: their history and writings
Class mark: 123J POM

Bagnall; Cribiore (2006), Women's letters from ancient Egypt, 300 BC-AD 800
Class mark: 101H BAG

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