Saturday, 12 March 2016

ICS and other events 14-19th March 2016

Monday 14th March
16:30 ICS Ancient Philosophy Seminar
Between the Dionysia and the Dialogues: Plato's use of comedy
David Preston (Royal Holloway)
Senate House - Room 243

17:00 ICS Ancient Literature Seminar
Between democracy and autocracy: patterns in the spread of theatre through Classical Greece
Eric Csapo (Sydney)
Senate House - Room 349

Tuesday 15th March
18:00 ICS and Friends of the British School at Athens Lecture
Hellenic Studies in Tudor England: presenting an online interactive edition of an unpublished Greek encomium on Henry VIII.
Chair: Elizabeth Jeffreys
Charalambos Dendrinos, Philip Taylor, Christoper Wright
Senate House - Room G22/26

Wednesday 16th March
15:30 ICS Mycenaean Series
Kakovatos in Tryphilia (Peloponnese): rise and fall of an early Mycenaean site
Brigitta Eder (Vienna)
Senate House - Room G22/26 

18:00 2016 Rumble Lecture in Classical Art
Queering Classical Art
Whitney Davis (Pardee Professor of History and Theory of Ancient and Modern Art at the University of California at Berkeley and Visiting Professor of History of Art at the University of York)
King's College London - Great Hall, King's Building, Strand

Thursday 17th March
16:30  ICS Ancient History Seminar
Herakles and the challenges of colonial environments in the Black Sea
David Braund (Exeter)
Senate House - Room 349

Friday 18th March
14:30  ICS Early Career Seminar
‘Well-played, Fluttershy…’: Defeating Discord and Dragons in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Ellie Mackin
Senate House - Room 243

16:30 ICS Postgraduate Work in Progress Seminar
The myth of Heracles in Diodorus' Bibliotheke: Variety of sources and traditions
Victoria Rotar (Trinity St David)
Senate House - Room 246

If the ICS Events page is unavailable, please see the SAS Events brochure (pdf) or here for ICS events listings.

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