Saturday, 5 March 2016

ICS and other events this week 7-12th March 2016

Monday 7th March
17:00 ICS Ancient Literature Seminar
The Cultural Politics of Plautine Topography
Sophia Papaioannou
Senate House - Room 349

17:30 Roman Art Seminar
Looking like Caesar. A case-study of assimilation in late Republican portraiture
Nigel Spivey (Emmanuel College, Cambridge)
Senate House - Room 243

Tuesday 8th March
17:00 Classical Archaeology Seminar
Photographs in the Antiquities Trade
Vinnie Nørskov (Aarhus)
Senate House - Room 349

17:30 Roman Society Lecture
Dura Europos
Introduced and Chaired by Professor Simon James
Professor Pierre Leriche: The new image of Europos-Dura on the Euphrates in the light of 25 seasons of archaeological research
Dr Jen Baird: Yale's Dura Archive: new excavation histories
Senate House - Chancellor's Hall

Wednesday 9th March
17:00 Rome-London Lecture
Grotte Scalina: a new monumental Etruscan tomb near Viterbo
Vincent Jolivet (French National Centre for Scientific Research)
Senate House - Room G22/26

Thursday 10th March
13:00 Rome in Bloomsbury Seminar
“Location, Location, Location”? Some thoughts on the Religious Topography of Dura-Europos
Ted Kaizer, Durham University
28 Russell Square, 2.02

16:00-20:00 SAS Open Day
Senate House
Free registration here

16:30  ICS Ancient History Seminar
Colonising Bosphorus: the Creation of the Bosphoran Kingdom in the Archaic Period
Catherine Morgan (Oxford)
Senate House - Room G22/26

Friday 11th March
16:30 ICS Postgraduate Work in Progress Seminar
Revisiting pollution for homicide at Athens: A rhetorical perspective
Christine Plastow (UCL)
Senate House - Room 243

If the ICS Events page is unavailable, please see the SAS Events brochure (pdf) or here for ICS events listings.

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